Your Website IS Advertising

Resonsive website design layouts for mobile friendly websites

Putting your business on the web doesn't have to be complex or expensive. Internet advertising is one of the best values on the market today. By providing a detailed online brochure about your business with contact information you can increase exposure to your services and gain revenue opportunities.

Websites can start as a simple presence and grow with time as you get a better "feel" for how the Internet can work to benefit you or your clients. New Directives can help guide you in this process and create a strong Internet presence that benefits your customer and the goals of your company.

An Internet website can be regularly updated with ease and minimal cost - with the ability to add functionality and features as the demand grows. This updating and evolution of growth is essential for success.

Search engine registration is another key issue that ensures the success of your website. Our design packages include this "tricky" process - using key word rich content as part of this important step. Even the most beautifully designed website is a total waste if it is never seen and not advertised and marketed correctly.

It's a fact! April 21, 2015 marked when a responsive website will be a ranking criteria on Google. How are your customers accessing your business website? And what does it look like when they do?

Your Internet website puts a face to your business that is often seen before anything else. Why not begin with an impressive start? Contact us - we would welcome the opportunity to guide you to an Internet presence that makes sense.

  1. Are You Responsive?
    Statistics show an increasing number of viewers are using mobile devices to surf the web. Responsive design ensures the proper layout for computers, tablets and cellular phones.
  2. KISS - Keep It Simple Solutions
    Simple or complex, we offer packages geared toward business and budget, so kiss your worries goodbye.
  3. Is EMAIL the backbone of your business?
    Yes! We offer email services and telephone support for Webmail, Outlook, iPhone and smart phone integration!
  4. Are your products and services DELIVERED to your audience?
    We are a Constant Contact All Star Award Recipient for Excellence in Email Marketing - 2006, 2008, 2013 & 2014
    We can help you get your business in your client's email box and stay compliant with SPAM laws.
  5. 508 Document Compliance and Remediation Services
    Our "Get508Compliant" team ensures your PDF documents are error free and ADA accessible utilizing the latest techniques. Is your company or organization meeting the accessibility standards to accommodate assistive technologies?

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